Aboriginal broadcasting Australia (ABA) is Australia’s largest television and radio broadcaster with its own production company. ABA is unique in that it is one hundred percent Aboriginal owned and operated, providing a broad range of local and national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, film, television and radio programmes. The dedicated News program is shared across the Indigenous broadcasting sector and main stream broadcasters. The content produced and broadcast is primarily for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and audiences across the country and online.

Our Vision

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and languages are at the heart of Australia’s First Nation’s cultural heritage and identity. Our vision is to protect and preserve our cultural heritage in respect of the past, present and future.

Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia has two key long-term objectives:

· To significantly contribute to the revitalisation of Indigenous languages; and

· To be an independent Indigenous broadcaster that is relevant, effective and widely accessible

Our Values

Underpinning these objectives are our values:

· Respect, empathy, integrity and honesty

· Cultural Protocols and Ethics for broadcasting

· Professional conduct and due diligence

Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is to continue to grow Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia to be the best Indigenous television and radio service in Australia. We achieve this through the delivery of unique locally made and produces programs, excellent free-to-air television and radio programs, coverage of a locally produced national News service and direct connection to 2400 Indigenous communities Australia wide.


Founder, Dr Donna Odegaard AM, is Chairperson of Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia with the board comprising Traditional Owners, media industry and business expertise.

Our guiding policies and principles are:

· Cultural Protocols and Ethics for Television and Radio Broadcasting

· Indigenous Employment and Training Program

· Television and Radio Broadcast in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages

· Be a responsible broadcaster with respect for the unique history, struggles and disadvantage of Indigenous Australians, taking into account children, families, employment health, education, law and social justice

· Be a high quality, cost effective television and radio broadcaster that informs, educates and entertains

Dr Donna Odegaard AM  copy.jpg
Our media network is growing everyday and importantly, we’ve given Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a voice and a platform so their stories, dreams and achievements are realised.
— CEO Dr Donna Odegaard AM

The Indigenous Broadcasting Training and Employment Program

The training and employment program provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people access to the Australian broadcasting industry in television and radio.We offer Indigenous people the opportunity to commence on-the-job training in a culturally friendly environment where respect and cultural protocols apply to everyone.We have industry leaders in media who mentor and train our staff in the latest digital IT and broadcasting technology, broadcasting techniques, professional development and assist with career pathway choices.

Many of our Indigenous staff have accelerated their learning skills with the on-the-job training. We provide mentoring to enable staff to work and learn at their pace and find that quite quickly they have improved their literacy and numeracy skills, improved their personal and professional development and some have gone on to higher education, government advisory roles, Police and Emergency Services, tourism, executive jobs, business and corporate life. Long term staff have become mentors, trainers, roles in management, campaigns and special projects.